10 natural products for beautiful hair

Shea butter

It’s impossible not to mention shea butter when it comes to natural hair care. Its magic? It works on dry or even very dry hair, which it nourishes perfectly, but also on curly and frizzy hair (to you the beautiful curls perfectly flexible and drawn) and on split and brittle hair. The shea butter is besides, without surprise, present in all the formulas of the range Expert Nutrition.

Coconut oil or butter

In the form of oil or butter, coconut is an excellent remedy for dry and devitalized hair. Packed with vitamins and minerals, coconut oil nourishes and moisturizes the hair in depth. And that’s not all, since its antibacterial and antifungal properties also make it a champion when it comes to caring for the scalp. Of course we also love it for its divine scent. It is for all these reasons that Franck Provost has chosen coconut oil for its Expert Nutrition + range.

Jojoba oil

The magic of jojoba oil lies in the fact that it can nourish and repair all types of hair, whether straight, curly, fine or thick. It moisturizes and repairs without ever weighing down or greasing the hair. That’s why it is found in the composition of Franck Provost’s Expert Repair range.


The benefits of lemon on blonde hair are no longer a secret. Used since the dawn of time, often coupled with honey or chamomile to lighten hair and bring light to dull manes, lemon is also very effective in reducing sebum production.


In addition to being delicious and healthy, honey is a perfect ally for your hair. Packed with nutrients, it acts as a moisturizer and revitalizes dull and damaged hair. It is therefore perfect for rescuing dry and brittle hair. Also particularly appreciated for its antiseptic and purifying powers, it works miracles on oily, irritated scalps that tend to develop dandruff. For an easier application in mask, you can mix your honey with the vegetable oil of your choice.

The essential oil of ylang-ylang

The essential oil of ylang-ylang is a real gem when it comes to beauty. If it is very often used to treat oily skin or problems it is also used to regulate the sebum of the scalp. And that’s not all! Considered an ideal hair “tonic”, it can be applied as a mask, combined with a vegetable oil, to restore hair lacking vitality and shine and to reduce hair loss.

The acai berry

A true superfood, the acai berry is good for the health of your body but also for your hair! Known for its antioxidant power and vitamin content, the acai berry helps protect hair from external aggressions such as the sun or pollution and makes it stronger and silkier. It is no coincidence that it is at the heart of the formulation of Franck Provost’s Expert Color range.

White vinegar

Well, we see you doubt, and we can understand it, but it turns out that white vinegar has more than one trick up its sleeve. Thanks to its acidic PH, which is close to that of the scalp, it keeps it healthy, prevents dandruff and regulates sebum production. Also prized for its “shine” effect, it is most often used as a rinse (a tablespoon is more than enough), after shampooing for its invigorating effect. It is ideal to give a good boost to dry, dull, thick or curly hair!

Argan oil

A must in terms of natural hair care! Argan oil, produced from the fruit of the argan tree, is used in the composition of many hair care products and can also be used pure directly on the hair. Known for its moisturizing powers and its nutrient content, vitamin E in particular, it helps to keep the scalp healthy. It is for this reason that argan oil is often used to accelerate hair growth. Apply it as a mask from the roots to the ends and leave it on for an hour. The bonus? You can say goodbye to your frizz!

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