Brown hair: which color to choose?

The brown hair color has everything right. Olivia Palermo, Taylor Hill, Laetitia Casta… celebrities with chestnut hair prove it to us: it’s a natural and elegant hair color. Stronger than blonde and less harsh than brown, chestnut is a perfect in-between. Another advantage? It’s easy to wear because it suits all skin tones. But still it is necessary to decide to choose the perfect nuance for us. We make the point.
What color of chestnut?

Warm chestnut: it is a bright and vibrant chestnut.

Honey, caramel, mahogany, copper, chocolate or marron glacĂ©… From gold to red, warm highlights on chestnut illuminate and warm the complexion. If they are not natural, they give us a good look.

Cool chestnut: it’s a natural and sophisticated chestnut.

Ashen chestnut, hazelnut, dark chestnut almost brown … So many matte colors that bring depth to the basic chestnut. These are the most natural shades and that’s why they are more difficult to reproduce in coloring.

If you don’t want a uniform color, there is another solution: highlights or balayage. You can even opt for ombrĂ© hair or tie and dye to add shine to your hair.

How to maintain chestnut coloring?

As with any coloring, it is necessary to take care of it. You can maintain it in a hair salon or at home with home coloring and coloring shampoos that revive the color. Another option is to apply a special touch-up product between colors. The good news? In theory, the roots are closer to the color than if you make a big splash like going from brown to blonde. So it’s relatively easier to maintain than other colors.

To find your ideal chestnut shade, check out the most beautiful chestnut hair color inspirations.

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