Children’s Injury Lawyer Talks About Traumatic Eye Injuries and Litigation

Trauma to the eyes of children can cause serious eye injuries. Eye injuries can cause permanent vision loss, partial or complete vision loss, and/or a restriction of the field. Eye injuries are a growing cause of action against doctors and clinics. It is important to know that:

Airbag defects can lead to traumatic eye injuries.

Many disgruntled patients have turned to the courts in search of compensation for LASIK-related errors.

Bausch & Lomb recalled ReNu and MoistureLoc on May 15, 2006 after receiving reports from people infected by Fusarium Keratitis, a potentially fatal eye infection. This is an inflammation of one’s cornea that can lead to a need for surgery.

Pfizer Inc. makes Zithromax, a generic name for azithromycin. It is widely used as an antibiotic. It may quadruple the chance of getting re-infected by trachoma, a potentially blinding eye infection. Zithromax may block the body’s natural resistance to bacteria by decreasing the exposure to it, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

According to the Food and Drug Administration guidelines tanning salons must require all customers to use protective eye goggles. You can’t block the intense UV radiation from tanning devices by covering your eyes with ordinary sunglasses or using cotton wads. Exposed to too many ultraviolet rays can cause damage to the retina and burn the cornea, according to studies. Exposure to ultraviolet rays over many years can cause the lens’ structure to change, leading eventually to a cataract. Blindness can result from cataracts if they are not treated.

Sonia, a 53-year-old client of mine, was partially blinded in her right eye after she was struck by a car as she crossed the street. Her face was first hit by the car. It was difficult to prove liability because Sonia was crossing a busy street at night while her light was still red. Sonia was awarded a substantial settlement. Sonia was able pay her medical bills and get assistance with daily activities. She also had money in the bank.