Here’s how to perform bubble braid perfectly

The bubble braid, the star of the red carpet, has also conquered the general public and is making a comeback. What’s the point? It’s a very easy hairstyle to achieve, and it immediately gives a very glamorous look. It must be said that when Blake Lively, the leading actress of “Gossip Girl” wore it for the first time at the Met Ball red carpet in 2014, it was hard not to succumb to this original hairstyle. But then what is the bubble braid? It is a ponytail that can be worn high or low, tied in multiple layers forming “bubbles” of hair. There are a few tricks to achieve a bubble braid, here are some of them.
All the steps to make a bubble braid easily

To have a perfectly executed bubble braid, we first start by making a high or low ponytail according to your desires. For a guaranteed result and a long-lasting hold, don’t hesitate to apply a little gel on the top of the head. Once the first step is done, we go to the “bubble”! To do this, simply place thin elastics at regular intervals all along the ponytail and then loosen each part of the hair between two elastics to create this famous bubble effect. It’s done!
How to wear a bubble braid?

The bubble braid, thanks to its practicality and trendiness at the same time, has the advantage of being worn during the day as well as in the evening. It is possible to play with this hairstyle, by opting for example for more or less flashy elastics. On Instagram, some girls in the wind do not hesitate to wear it with big colored scrunchies or even to make two of them in order to obtain bubble braid quilts. This hairstyle is best suited for straight and wavy hair. For those with curly hair, it’s best to blow-dry first. The good news? The bubble braid can be worn on any length.

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