Hiring Birth Injury Lawyer

If medical staff (such as nurses and doctors) fail to respond quickly to complications during pregnancy or birth, a serious birth injury could occur. These complications can cause permanent injury to both the baby and the mother. These complications could and should be prevented.

These complications can include infections that occur during pregnancy and ineffective or slow-acting medication. Hypoxia or anoxia is a condition where there is a shortage of oxygen to the brain during birth. Although there are many causes for this lack of oxygen, most can be solved quickly by a trained and attentive medical staff.

These complications can lead to many conditions, including cerebral palsy. It can have a devastating effect on the baby as well as the parents. Cerebral palsy occurs when the baby’s brain is damaged during pregnancy or birth. It affects the cerebrum which is the part of the brain that controls movement. This affects not only the baby’s muscles but also other aspects of his or her body.

The severity of cerebral palsy can affect different aspects of normal human functioning, including speech, eating, playing, and performing everyday tasks. Paralysis, internal bleeding and bone fractures are just a few of the other complications. Sometimes, these injuries can lead to the death or disability of the child or mother. These injuries can be caused by negligence on the part of medical staff. It is possible to avoid them and seek financial compensation from a Chicago birth injury lawyer.

An Chicago birth injury lawyer can investigate causes of injury during childbirth. Chicago has a few child birth injury lawyers who are experienced. Many firms offer a free consultation and will provide access to medical records and other evidence to determine if the injury was caused by negligence or other complications that may have arisen from the birth.

A Chicago birth injury lawyer is crucial to assist you if your child has been seriously injured by something that happened during birth. Each state has a statute-of-limits that means you can’t seek compensation for your child’s injuries if you don’t file a lawsuit within the prescribed time.