How to get your natural color back after coloring?

There are a thousand and one reasons to choose a hair color. And almost as many reasons to regret it. After a hair disaster or simply the desire to return to your true hair color, there are many options. But Gianni Coppa, founder of the Parisian salon R’Factory, prefers to warn us, it will take a lot of patience: “When you have colored or bleached your hair, it is complicated (if not impossible) to recover your natural color. We will get as close as possible to the base, but when the hair is colored, and we have added a pigment, it is very complicated to recover the initial color. However, there is no question of being discouraged, here are 5 tips to try to recover your true color.

Let your hair grow

This is the solution that no impatient beautista will want to hear. And yet, it’s probably the most effective (and least aggressive). Letting your hair grow will allow the color to fade little by little. The trick of the pro? Use hair care products that are adapted to your hair type to get a fresh start.

Detoxifying shampoos

Also known as clarifying shampoos, detoxifying shampoos have the power to fade the color. Specifically, this product opens the hair’s scales to allow the pigment to be eliminated over time. The pro’s tip? Use this treatment at the salon or at home once or twice a week for 4 to 6 weeks to get results.

Chamomile shampoos

A true grandmother’s trick, chamomile-based shampoo has a lightening effect. “To obtain real results, it is important to use it for at least 2 to 3 weeks, once or twice a week,” advises Gianni Coppa. Afterward, don’t forget to take good care of your hair by nourishing it.

Coconut milk

Known for absorbing pigment, coconut milk is a radical solution for changing color, but not without risk. The color can change depending on the nature of the hair and go into undesired tones. It will be more complicated to color the hair again afterward,” warns the hairdresser. His tip? Use it in a bath (leave on for 20 to 30 minutes) several times a day. Repeat the operation over several weeks.

A scrub in the salon

To try to regain your natural color, your hairdresser can suggest a scrub and then re-pigment the entire hair. “The existing pigment is removed and an artificial pigment is added that is as close as possible to the base,” concludes Gianni Coppa.

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