Scholarship in Soccer – 3 Vital Keys to Making it Happen

Do you want to play at the college level and get a scholarship for soccer? If so, you need to know the following facts in order to make your college soccer dream a reality.

Three Keys

1- Talent and Skills: You need to have the skills and talent to play at the college level. There is a lot of competition at all levels of college soccer. You will be amazed at the talent level of even small colleges and lower-level soccer clubs. You must possess the skills and talent required to be awarded a scholarship for soccer.

2- Athleticism and Strength: The primary difference between high school and college sports are the strength and athleticism of the athletes. Soccer is no exception. Soccer is played at a faster rate and the athletes are simply bigger and more powerful.

3. Mental toughness: You shouldn’t expect your coach to be your friend or to sympathize with what you are going through. It is all about the results at college. Mentally, you will be challenged and you need to maintain your confidence. Otherwise you could quickly find yourself on the sidelines.