What are the effects of coconut oil on hair?


This vegetable oil is obtained by pressing the flesh of the coconut “harvested in the traditional way, by hand and using long bamboo stalks,” says the expert. Certified organic coconut oil is cold-pressed and does not undergo any refining stage in order to preserve its richness and properties. Starting with its nourishing properties. Composed of approximately 50% lauric acid, a saturated fatty acid with a particular affinity for hair keratin, coconut oil penetrates the hair fiber deeply. In addition, its film-forming effect acts as a protective veil on the surface of the hair and thus limits the dehydration of the hair. It also makes it less porous during shampooing and more resistant during combing. Under the effect of coconut oil, your hair is then sheathed and strengthened. It also regains shine and radiance!

True or false: the received ideas on the coconut oil

Many are the benefits of coconut oil on the hair. But sometimes, its popularity gives it virtues that are not its own. Zoom on the received ideas that we can read rightly or wrongly on this vegetable oil.

Coconut oil is an antioxidant for the hair?

False: In addition to lauric acid, coconut oil contains other cosmetic active ingredients such as vitamin A and vitamin E. “If these vitamins, which are powerful antioxidants, will give coconut oil its great stability, they do not have a direct effect on the hair” explains Sarah Bovaere.

Does coconut oil protect the hair from external aggressions?

True, this vegetable oil protects hair from numerous and diverse external aggressions: pollution, tobacco, the sun… It even protects it from our daily hair tools such as hairbrushes, combs, and other hair dryers. And this, thanks to its filmogenic effect.

Does coconut oil promote hair growth?

False: The expert explains that this oil “is not directly responsible for faster growth, but it will promote healthy hair and scalp”.
Does coconut oil lighten hair?

Contrary to what you may read or hear, coconut oil has no lightning effect on your hair. For that, we should rely on honey, lemon, and chamomile.

Does coconut oil have anti-dandruff and anti-lice properties?

True: “Its richness in lauric acid gives it antifungal and antibacterial properties. Its film-forming effect will also enable it to “suffocate” lice, explains the specialist. For optimal effectiveness, we recommend coupling it with other antibacterial ingredients such as essential oils* of lavender or tea tree for example.”

Which coconut oil for hair?

To maximize the effect of the care given to our hair, we willingly turn to a vegetable coconut oil 100% pure and natural, preferably certified organic and not deodorized, so it keeps all its virtues. But… where to find it? To get it, no need to go to Asia because it is sold everywhere: in supermarkets, in specialized stores, in para pharmacies, and even on the Internet for a delivery directly at home. The most important thing to remember before buying it is to look at the origin, the composition, the labels and the certification, and then the opinions.

How to use coconut oil on hair?

Coconut oil: for which type of hair?

First of all, it should be noted that coconut oil is suitable for all hair types without exception: straight, curly, frizzy, frizzy … However, it is necessary to adapt the frequency of use according to the needs of each hair. To repair dry and/or brittle hair, the expert recommends using it once a week. For other hair types, once or twice a month is sufficient.

Coconut oil: its application

Let’s get practical! In its pure form, coconut oil tends to solidify below 20/25°C. It is necessary to know that this phenomenon does not have any incidence on its quality. Nevertheless, it is necessary to warm it up (by passing the jar under hot water for example) so that it liquefies and is easier to use. Then, it can be applied as an oil bath for the hair. In this case, we gorge our hair with this quality vegetable substance and let it sit for half an hour to overnight to allow the oil to penetrate the hair before shampooing. Like a homemade coconut oil mask, this long-lasting treatment promises nourished, soft and silky hair.

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