What To Do If You Are Involved in a Truck Accident

Trucks are involved with thousands of accidents every year. The type of truck accidents (semitrucks, vans dump trucks, fire trucks and tractor trailers), can be very serious because of the size and potential dangers of the trucks involved. Truck collisions often result in serious injuries and even death for passengers riding in smaller vehicles due to their enormous size and weight. A semi-truck, tractor-trailer or auto accident with a truck are two different things. The truck is often owned by a company of any size.

Trucking has been made safer by the government, with more laws being passed to lower the chance of accidents. Trucking companies have improved safety procedures, training and awareness for their staff, but there has been an increase in truck accidents due to increased truck traffic.

Truck accident victims may be eligible to receive compensation. There are many lawyers who specialize in truck accident cases.

You or your loved one should get the following information as soon after an accident involving trucks:

SS A copy the police report with the report number and name of the investigating officer.

All vehicles involved in the accident were required to have a SS license plate number

SS Company names and identification information are included on the cab or trailer.

SS Driver Information including name, driver license number and insurance information

SS Insurance Information for the Truck and Trailer Owner

SS Length for skid marks if visible

SS The truck’s condition.

SS Road conditions at time of accident

Contact information for any witnesses and SS names

SS Names and contact information of anyone taking pictures or questioning witnesses/participants

Additional information is also available:

SS Take photos of all involved vehicles and the accident scene (if possible).

SS Seek immediate medical attention

SS Obtain a Copy of Your Medical Examination Report

SS Get in touch with a truck accident lawyer as soon as you can

Also, be aware of the things you should not do in case of a truck accident.

SS Never give statements to police without consulting an attorney. Only state the facts if you are asked to make a statement to the police. Don’t state opinions or accept liability for the accident

SS Sign only the police report after reading it thoroughly.

Trucking laws are not the same as automobile laws. This can drastically alter the way that an accident is handled. It is important to have someone who understands trucking law and will fight for you the right compensation.