Why Do We Need Scholarships?

Many people may wonder why scholarships are necessary. Some may wonder why we need scholarships. Scholarships are intended to improve society and make us a better species. It encourages higher education and rewards students who are most capable to make a difference.

As a form PR, companies love to offer scholarships. Pepsi and Microsoft are giant corporations that give away millions of dollars each year in scholarships. This is because they often get a mention in the media and blogs. A press release will be submitted letting the world know who was awarded the money and how much it was. People love to see bright young minds receive money to attend school. They also appreciate the generosity of corporations who provide this money. These companies realize that the scholarship is a long-term investment and that students who have great minds and abilities may be interested in working for the company that provided it. This makes it a win-win situation.

Foundations are not created to give away money to students in need. Because they were established, they are legally required to give away any money received. They are likely to seek out students who follow the same path of the foundation’s founder or students whose vision aligns with their mission statement. These foundation scholarships are usually awarded to students who submit an essay.

Students with sufficient financial need may be eligible for scholarships. This is why we need scholarships to make sure that bright minds receive the best education possible, regardless of their financial situation. We would miss out on talented students who come from humble backgrounds if only the wealthy could afford college and grad school. Scholarships can help make any dream possible and level the playing field in education.

Scholarships are essential because they help each generation to become more intelligent than the ones before them. It is how we develop our brains. The wealthiest and most intelligent people use their money to provide scholarship opportunities for the next generation of young minds. It is a way to pass the intellectual torch on to the next generation. Without scholarships, the world would have more inequality between the rich and poor, more civil unrests, and a lower level of education for the majority. These negative effects are balanced by scholarships that give hope to all.